Wellness zone

Imagine yourself sitting in a cedar-scented mist, your body immersed in nearly 40° water, surrounded by snow … welcome to the Nordic bath! Also known as the Scandinavian bath, hot tub, Swedish bath, this red cedar wood basin with an immersed wooden stove has no chemical products thanks to the UV-C lamp that ensures the water is kept clean.

Or would you rather have a sauna? Welcome to our small pod with rounded curves. You decide which you prefer!

Our wellbeing zone is for the exclusive use of residents.

It is available between 16.00 and 20.00, subject to booking. Use of the communal shower is mandatory.

We also offer massages and beauty treatments: supplementary service, book on arrival. Ms TAFANI, a fully qualified beauty therapist, will be delighted to provide treatments during your stay at Terre d’Horizon.